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0.9.1 progress report: OpenAL round 2

Creative have responded on the matter of the proprietary EAX<->EFX conversion algorithms, indicating a very simple solution: run the EAX presets through the closed API and include the results in OpenTK (many thanks!). This effectively puts an end to this issue, which means OpenTK 0.9.1 will contain the most complete OpenAL bindings for .Net/Mono.

During the past few days, a strange segfault has hampered work on the AudioContext class. It was finally traced to a bug in the ALSA OpenAL implementation, which has now been worked around by disabling support for multiple AudioContexts under Linux - a better solution has been designed and will be included in the future.

Some new functionality is currently being worked on:

  1. List sharing is now enabled for OpenGL contexts by default (this can be controlled through the GLContext.ShareContexts property)
  2. Work is undergoing on a new class, called DisplayDevice, which is able now enumerate available display devices (monitors) and switch their resolutions.
  3. OpenGL contexts will have more flexible pixel format/visual selection.

It is not currently known when OpenTK 0.9.1 will be released. As always, you can check progress through the project roadmap.