The Open Toolkit Library

The Open Toolkit is an advanced, low-level C# library that wraps OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL. It is suitable for games, scientific applications and any other project that requires 3d graphics, audio or compute functionality.

Rapid Development

Strong types and inline documentation improve your code flow and help you catch errors sooner.

Easy Integration

Use the toolkit standalone or integrate it into your Windows.Forms, WPF or GTK# application.

Total Freedom

The Open Toolkit is distributed under the permissive MIT/X11 license and is absolutely free.

The Open Toolkit runs on many operating systems and can be used by every Mono/.Net language: C#, VB.Net, C++/CLI, F#, Boo and many more.

Feature Highlights

  • Rich, type-safe bindings

    Support for the latest versions of OpenGL, OpenGL|ES, OpenAL and OpenCL with automatic extension loading, error checking and inline documentation.
  • Flexible GUI options

    Cross-platform GLControl (Windows.Forms), GLWidget (GTK#) and WPFControl classes. Native, high-performance GameWindow designed specifically for games.
  • Fully managed, CLS-compliant code

    Supports 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. No need for unmanaged libraries - compile once, run everywhere!
  • Useful APIs

    3D math toolkit supplies Vector, Matrix, Quaternion and Bezier structs. Input API provides Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick interfaces. Display API for multiple monitors. OpenTK.Compatibility supports Tao framework applications.
  • Permissive MIT/X11 License

    Which means you are free to use, modify and redistribute the source code. Suitable for open- and closed-source projects alike.