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New site theme: community 2

The new site theme, "community 2", is now online and enabled by default. To avoid rendering issues, please refresh your browser caches! (usually pressing Ctrl-R or F5 twice will do the trick)

Please report any issues you come across at the bug tracker!


  • Improved frontpage! Important content is now visible without scrolling.
  • Better layout, which places emphasis on content rather than chrome or secondary elements (blocks).
  • Fluid design, which should scale better to tiny netbook monitors and mobile browsers, with further improvements planned.
  • The navigation menu is now centered to the page, which improves usability with large resolutions (1920x1080+).
  • More consistent font sizing between different browsers and operating systems (using font-size-adjust property for browsers that support it - Firefox 3.x as of right now).
  • Improved support for Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 6. (Two IE6 issues remain: png alpha and invalid positioning on the frontpage).
  • Slightly simpler markup and CSS.

Loading speed should be roughly the same as with the old theme: the markup, CSS and new frontpage are all simpler, but the new logo is 50% larger than the previous one (if only JPGs supported alpha channels!)

Fluid layouts are pretty tricky to implement and community 2 employs a few tricks to allow for resizable background images and center a number of elements. I can post more technical details if someone is interested in those.

This theme has been tested to work correctly on IE7-8, Fx 1-3.5, Chrome 2.0-4.x, Safari 3.x-4.x, Opera 9.2-10.10.

I'd love to hear your opinion, suggestions and comments on community 2. Give it a try and see how it works for you - if you still prefer the old theme, it is available under your account settings as "community" (but please post why you prefer the old theme!)

Thanks. :)


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I like the new theme :)


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Just for fun, I tested the new theme with IE3-IE5.5. IE5.5 works almost fine (some issues with table width) but the site is very usable. IE5 is completely broken, but IE3/4 work as if there was no CSS at all (interesting!)

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The new theme is great! Nice Work!

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Thanks. :)

I'm no designer, so I decided to have fun and go with what felt right (ok, with some prodding from people in and out of these forums). It's great that people like the result!

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I love it. Now if only people would get rid of IE 5/6.

Off topic, I was digging in some old boxes at work and found an IE 4 CD.

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I still have the original IE3 floppies for Windows 95! (shudders)

There's also a muliple-IE explorer that installs everything from IE3-IE6 and even runs on Vista (somewhat). Not that I'd recommend this, but it's possible:

Miraculously, the site is actually usable! (As usable as it can be on a browser that doesn't even support png images).

opentk-ie3.gif41.84 KB
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Looks quite nice, but I noticed some artefacts on the Download and Play links :) Prolly because of JPG packing. Perhaps replace those with PNG versions?

Also, the stars on the loko are quite sharp and noisy, making it look quite dizzy. Your attention is drawn to those dust like stars when it should focus on the planet and logo I think. Perhaps blur them a bit or make them darker?

Just my 2 cents :)

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Yes, these are JPG artifacts you've noticed. The PNG version looks better, but it's way too big to be practical (around 35KBs if I remember correctly, vs ~13KBs of the JPG version).

I'll try your suggestion on the logo and see how it looks. A 1-2px selective gaussian blur would soften the starts and probably look better.

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Is there specific reason for the size limitation? ;) It doesn't really matter if a image is 13kbs or 35kbs, since the GET commands that are send per image to the server take longer than the actual transfering of the image file. Broadbands are quite common nowadays :) Does it behave better with maximum quality JPG?

Altough OpenTK is mainly a tool for programmers, there will always be some more art oriented visitors who will think that JPG artifacts are the end of the world or worse :P