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gDEBugger is now free!

gDEBugger is the most advanced OpenGL debugger for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/iPhone currently in existence. It used to be quite pricey (in the 4-digit area) but the desktop version is now available for free - which is awesome news for OpenGL developers!

More information and downloads at:


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Oh, here's a hint that might be useful: The second item in the callstack is "GetCLRFunction - clr.dll". When I try to run the application in glslDevil, it crashes at what appears to be a similar point. If I choose to debug the crash in Visual C#, I get an "EntryPointNotFoundException" on the line:

GL.GenFramebuffers(1, out bufferObj);

With the additional information: "Unable to find an entry point named 'glGenFramebuffers' in DLL 'opengl32.dll'."

I'm assuming that these are both the same error, being displayed in very different ways. The set of OpenGL calls shown in glslDevil leading up to this are:

glClearColor(0.100000, 0.200000, 0.500000, 0.000000)
glShaderSource(1, 1, 07D71E20, 003FE978)
glGetShaderiv(1, GL_COMPILE_STATUS, 003FE9D4)
glGetShaderiv(1, GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH, 003FE96C)
glGetShaderInfoLog(1, 2, 003FE96C, 003FE8DC)
glShaderSource(2, 1, 07D71E20, 003FE978)
glGetShaderiv(2, GL_COMPILE_STATUS, 003FE9D4)
glGetShaderiv(2, GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH, 003FE96C)
glGetShaderInfoLog(2, 2, 003FE96C, 003FE8DC)
glAttachShader(3, 2)
glAttachShader(3, 1)
glGetProgramiv(3, GL_LINK_STATUS, 003FE9E0)
glGetProgramiv(3, GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH, 003FE994)
glGetProgramInfoLog(3, 2, 003FE994, 003FE904)

This is skipping over the giant mass of wgl calls at the beginning, of course.