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OpenGL ES madness

Recent AMD desktop drivers apparently include a complete OpenGL ES implementation. To access it, you need to get the address of eglGetProcAddress and use it to retrieve the entry points for OpenGL ES functions.

Now, the issue is that it's not apparent whether we can use entry points on a GLX context or if we need to destroy that context and create an EGL one. Ideally, the drivers would have installed a separate we could p/invoke directly - but they don't, so we need to jump through some hoops to get to the meat.

Let's see if OpenTK can support this in a sane way.


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theres also still a bunch of issues with openGL ES on linux... i'll be posting some bug reports as I start sorting through it (although anyone who wants to download support for their distro and help out I would certainly appreciate it)

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Please do, I haven't managed to get OpenGL ES to work on Linux at all...

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The ATI ES sample loads atioglxx.dll, and reports version 1.4.

Walking the example operates correctly in C++ land.

Changing egl.cs to load this dll correctly imports the function, but the call to CreateWindowSurface fails with EGL_BAD_CONFIG.

It seems that the mode RGB is incorrectly reset from 565 (maybe 556?) to 888 at some point in the process, which causes this error.