3. Context and Listener

Like in OpenGL, a Context can be understood as an instance of OpenAL State. You can create multiple Contexts per Device, but each Context has the restriction of 1 Listener it's own unique Sources. Buffer Objects on the other hand may be shared by Contexts, which use the same Device.

Note that in contrast to OpenGL, OpenAL does not have an equivalent to SwapBuffers(). A Sources are automatically played until the end of their attached Buffer is reached, or until the programmer manually stops the Source playback.

The Listener represents the position and orientation of the Camera in the environment, thus there can be only one per Context. The settings can be set/get by using AL.Source and AL.GetSource functions.

It makes sense to handle it together with your OpenGL camera, to make sure a Source is properly positioned. This is very similar to OpenGL's Projection Matrix, with the exception that there is no Frustum culling for audio (you may not see something behind you, but you can hear it).

A sample Camera, taken from the OpenAL manual:

void PlaceCamera(Vector3 ListenerPosition, float listenerAngle)
  // prepare some calculations
  float Sinus = (float)Math.Sin(listenerAngle);
  float Cosinus = (float)Math.Cos(listenerAngle);
  Vector3 ListenerTarget = new Vector3(ListenerPosition.X + Sinus, ListenerPosition.Y, ListenerPosition.Z - Cosinus);
  Vector3 ListenerDirection = new Vector3(Sinus, 0, Cosinus);
  // update OpenGL - camera position
  GL.Frustum(-0.1333, 0.1333, -0.1, 0.1, 0.2, 50.0);
  Glu.LookAt(ListenerPosition, ListenerTarget, Vector3.UnitY);
  // update OpenAL - place listener at camera
  AL.Listener(ALListener3f.Position, ref ListenerPosition);
  AL.Listener(ALListenerfv.Orientation, ref ListenerDirection, ref Vector3.UnitY);

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