Most problems with running OpenTK-based Applications are related to the target platform missing the proper drivers.

OpenTK requires these components installed:

  • Either Mono or .Net (not both).
  • An OpenGL driver for your graphics card.
  • The OpenAL driver for your Operating System.

Below are links for your convenience. Note: Many of those sites require Javascript enabled to function.


Novell (Linux, Mac & Windows)


Microsoft (Windows)


Note: It doesn't matter what brand your soundcard is, just chose the proper Operating System.

Creative Labs (Mac & Windows)
Direct link to download page for Windows:
Strangesoft (Linux)


ATi (Linux, Mac & Windows)
NVIDIA (Linux & Windows)
Intel (Windows)
Intel (Linux)
Mesa 3D (software rendering)

If you have a laptop with an Nvidia card, you can obtain updated drivers through:

Last edit of the links: March 2008

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