The Open Toolkit Manual

The manual is not complete. You can find (and add) experimental pages here. Also, check the available translations.

This manual is released as Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA). You may reproduce it and creative derivative works for non-commercial purposes: (a) you provide a link to the original; (b) you distribute your derivative work under an identical license.

Welcome and thanks for using the Open Toolkit library!

This manual will guide you through the necessary steps to develop a project with OpenTK. You will learn how to setup a new project, how to successfully use the tools provided by OpenTK and, finally, how to distribute your project to your end-users. You will also find information on writing performing code and maintaining cross-platform compatibility.

This manual is written in a way that allows skipping from section to section as needed, so feel free to do that; or you can read it sequentially from start to end, if you prefer. Keep in mind that you may add a comment at any point - we always try to improve the manual and high-quality feedback will help not only you but future OpenTK users, too. You can also browse the OpenTK API reference; additionally, the forum contains a lot of example code for various problems.

It is our hope that the time invested reading this book will be paid back in full. So let's get started!


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I am a VB.NET programmer and now I use the OpenTK. can someone help me to create pixel format manually using OpenTK
because GLcontrol do not assign bits to stencil bit ( stencil bits always is equal to zero).