Most problems with running OpenTK-based Applications are related to the target platform missing the proper drivers.

OpenTK requires these components installed:

  • Either Mono or .Net (not both).
  • An OpenGL driver for your graphics card.
  • The OpenAL driver for your Operating System.

Below are links for your convenience. Note: Many of those sites require Javascript enabled to function.


Novell (Linux, Mac & Windows)


Microsoft (Windows)


Note: It doesn't matter what brand your soundcard is, just chose the proper Operating System.

Creative Labs (Mac & Windows)
Direct link to download page for Windows:
Strangesoft (Linux)


ATi (Linux, Mac & Windows)
NVIDIA (Linux & Windows)
Intel (Windows)
Intel (Linux)
Mesa 3D (software rendering)

If you have a laptop with an Nvidia card, you can obtain updated drivers through:

Last edit of the links: March 2008

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Inertia's picture

These drivers are supposed to fix audio stuttering issues with EMU10Kx chipsets under windows (untested)

the Fiddler's picture

They work nicely, but x86 only.

objarni's picture

I added a direct link to the somewhat hard-to-find download page for the OpenAL installer for windows.

That also means I became the "author" of this page -- please re-save Inertia :)

Inertia's picture

It's np, this page does not have a single author anyways. Thank you for keeping it up to date :)

objarni's picture

Oh yeah before I forget: that link is to the official creative drivers - which are not-so-great as I've learned the hard way :)

What is your opinion on putting up a binary on the OpenTK site as a service to the OpenTK community?

the Fiddler's picture

I'm all for it. The only problem is that they should be compiled with VS2005 (not VS2008), in both x86 and x64 flavours. Any takers?