Appendix 3: The project database

The project database is an index of projects related to the Open Toolkit. Every project in the database receives a unique project page and gains access to the issue tracker and the project release service.

All registered users may submit their own projects, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Your project must use, extend or be somehow related to the Open Toolkit library.
  2. Your project must be released under an OSI approved license.

Closed-source and / or commercial projects will be reviewed by the Open Toolkit team and approved on a case by case basis.

By submitting a project to the database, you acknowledge that:

  1. This is a free service provided to the Open Toolkit community that comes without any warranty. In case there is any doubt, the OpenT Toolkit team does not offer you any warranty, express or implied, for the behavior of the project database, nor fitness of purpose towards any application. Keep backups!
  2. The Open Toolkit team maintains the right to remove any project from the database or terminate the whole database, for whatever reason, without prior notice.