Project Structure

The OpenTK project consists of a number of managed, cross-platform assemblies:

  • OpenTK: this is the core OpenTK assembly. It provides the Graphics, Audio and Compute APIs, the math toolkit and the platform abstraction layer.
  • OpenTK.Compatibility: this assembly provides an upgrade path for applications compiled against older versions of OpenTK and the Tao Framework. When a deprecated method is removed from core OpenTK, it is added to this dll.
  • OpenTK.GLControl: this assembly provides the GLControl class, which adds OpenGL support to System.Windows.Forms applications.
  • OpenTK.Build: this assembly provides the cross-platform build system for OpenTK. It can be used to generate MSBuild-compatible project files for use with Visual Studio (version 2005 or higher), Sharpdevelop (version 2.0 or higher) and MonoDevelop (version 2.0 or higher).
  • OpenTK.Examples: this assembly provides a number of samples built with OpenTK. It covers topics related to OpenGL, OpenGL|ES, OpenAL, OpenCL and general OpenTK usage.

In addition to these assemblies, OpenTK maintains a custom binding generator which generates the OpenGL, OpenGL|ES and OpenCL bindings. It consists of two assemblies:

  • Converter, which converts the OpenGL|ES and OpenCL C headers to XML files.
  • Bind, which converts the OpenGL .spec files or the Converter XML files into C# code.

Finally, OpenTK provides a QuickStart project, which shows how to setup and build an OpenTK application.


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objarni's picture

Great writeup! Finally I understand the structure of the OpenTK source code..