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OpenTK.Input.IInputDriver Interface Reference

Defines the interface for an input driver. More...

Inheritance diagram for OpenTK.Input.IInputDriver:
OpenTK.Input.IKeyboardDriver OpenTK.Input.IMouseDriver OpenTK.Input.IJoystickDriver

Public Member Functions

void Poll ()
 Updates the state of the driver. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from OpenTK.Input.IKeyboardDriver
IList< KeyboardDeviceKeyboard [get]
 Gets the list of available KeyboardDevices. More...
- Properties inherited from OpenTK.Input.IMouseDriver
IList< MouseDeviceMouse [get]
 Gets the list of available MouseDevices. More...
- Properties inherited from OpenTK.Input.IJoystickDriver
IList< JoystickDeviceJoysticks [get]
 Gets the list of available JoystickDevices. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the interface for an input driver.

Member Function Documentation

void OpenTK.Input.IInputDriver.Poll ( )

Updates the state of the driver.