The Open Toolkit library  1.1
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Package OpenTK.Graphics


package  ES10
package  ES11
package  ES20
package  ES30
package  OpenGL
package  OpenGL4


struct  Color4
 Represents a color with 4 floating-point components (R, G, B, A). More...
struct  ColorFormat
 Defines the ColorFormat component of a GraphicsMode. More...
class  GraphicsBindingsBase
 Implements BindingsBase for the OpenTK.Graphics namespace (OpenGL and OpenGL|ES). More...
class  GraphicsContext
 Represents and provides methods to manipulate an OpenGL render context. More...
class  GraphicsContextException
 Represents errors related to a GraphicsContext. More...
class  GraphicsContextMissingException
 Thrown when an operation that required GraphicsContext is performed, when no GraphicsContext is current in the calling thread. More...
class  GraphicsContextVersion
 Defines the version information of a GraphicsContext. More...
class  GraphicsErrorException
 Identifies a specific OpenGL or OpenGL|ES error. Such exceptions are only thrown when OpenGL or OpenGL|ES automatic error checking is enabled - GraphicsContext.ErrorChecking property. Important: Do not catch this exception. Rather, fix the underlying issue that caused the error. More...
class  GraphicsMode
 Defines the format for graphics operations. More...
class  GraphicsModeException
 Represents errors related to unavailable graphics parameters. More...
interface  IGraphicsContext
 Provides methods for creating and interacting with an OpenGL context. More...
interface  IGraphicsContextInternal
 Provides methods to create new GraphicsContexts. Should only be used for extending OpenTK. More...


enum  GraphicsContextFlags { GraphicsContextFlags.Default = 0x0000, GraphicsContextFlags.Debug = 0x0001, GraphicsContextFlags.ForwardCompatible = 0x0002, GraphicsContextFlags.Embedded = 0x0004 }
 Enumerates various flags that affect the creation of new GraphicsContexts. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

Enumerates various flags that affect the creation of new GraphicsContexts.


The default value of the GraphicsContextFlags enumeration.


Indicates that this is a debug GraphicsContext. Debug contexts may provide additional debugging information at the cost of performance.


Indicates that this is a forward compatible GraphicsContext. Forward-compatible contexts do not support functionality marked as deprecated in the current GraphicsContextVersion.

Forward-compatible contexts are defined only for OpenGL versions 3.0 and later.


Indicates that this GraphicsContext is targeting OpenGL|ES.