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Getting Help FAQ

Everyone runs into problems when programming every now and then. This is perfectly normal and you are encouraged to use this forum to ask any questions regarding OpenTK.

But - in order to speed up the resolve of the problem - consider a few things before you make a post. If you do fail to give a detailed description, you will most likely be asked exactly the questions listed below. This costs you time to get an useful answer, so it's in your own interest to give as many facts as possible. (The fastest way to find a solution is usually to use search functions or try to find the answer in the OpenTK Documentation.

  • If you suspect drivers being the culprit, proceed to Troubleshooting.
  • Do not use pm|e-mail. You will be ignored. Make a forum post so other users can benefit from the solution.
  • Be verbose about the platform and hardware on which you encountered the problem:
    1. For OpenGL Applications the graphics card is a must.
    2. The CPU and whether the Application runs x86 or x64.
    3. The used Operating System.
    4. Installed .Net|Mono version.
    5. Graphics|Sound driver versions, if applicable.
    6. If you are using beta|experimental drivers, do mention it.
  • Does the Error appear randomly, or can you reproduce it after a system reboot?
  • Do the Examples provided with OpenTK run, or do they produce the same Error?
  • Quote the full Error message given: either in Text or take a Screenshot.
  • If possible quote relevant code.
  • If the problem is OpenGL related you should also confirm that GL.GetError returns NoError.
  • Be specific which OpenTK version you are using. The trunk is considered the only reliable source to build from, branches may be updated in minute intervals and are not recommended to use.
  • Problems may arise due to untested conflicts between libraries. If you use e.g. Tao Framework libraries together with OpenTK, do mention it.

The long version: