Help wanted

OpenTK is under heavy development, and code contributions are very welcome. If you have some OpenGL knowledge and a little bit of free time, consider tackling one of the items below; your contribution will help everyone!

    Pending OpenTK features, which you could help with

  • GLSL editor with syntax highlighting and preview window. GLControl makes this quite easy.
  • Examples/Tutorials on a wide range of OpenGL topics:
    1. Texturing and multitexturing. Texture formats and filtering, floating point textures.
    2. Lighting
    3. Blending
    4. Projections
    5. VBO's and FBO's
    6. GLSL programs (skinning, lighting, procedural textures/models)
    7. Shadows
    8. High Dynamic Range techniques
  • Platform specific:
    1. Implement OSXNativeWindow.
    2. Find the best way to handle mode changing (resolution, fullscreen etc) and resource sharing between contexts.

Just make a post at the forums with the topic you are interested in!