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Mono 1.2.6 is out

Mono 1.2.6 is a major update, which introduces a native OS X Windows.Forms driver (without an X server), a Mozilla-based WebControl, basic C# 3.0 support, performance enhancements and many bug fixes. Mono downloads.

This release fixes most OpenTK-affecting bugs, so upgrading is highly encouraged. With Mono 1.2.6 out, OpenTK 0.3.14 is scheduled for release during the next weekend and will contain the new Mono WebControl-based Example Launcher as well as several bug fixes. 0.3.15 will be released soon after, and will include Fullscreen mode support, FSAA and double-precision math. A server move will also take place at some point during the following week (current tentative date is Friday, 21th).

Last, but not least, take a moment and post your results for the the PQ Torus Knots test. This test will detect your video card's vertex cache size, which can be useful for mesh optimization. Thank you!


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Thanks for the news.......
Thanks, I updated my mono packages version tonight.
Just one question about your future release : do you will add your gtk# widget in the package ? or did you didn't tested yet enough for releasing with next version ? You told you will add in the next version, but you didn't mention it,

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So I assume that the torusknot app runs nicely with mono 1.2.6? You mentioned problems regarding VBOs with 1.2.6 beta IIRC.

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[GTK# widget]
I haven't forgot about that, but between redesigning the site, moving servers, writing documentation and trying to fix bugs, I haven't found the time to test that yet :) It is coming in the future, though.

[TorusKnot app]
I was on a trip during the past few days, so I haven't tested that either. I'll test things more thoroughly during the next few days.