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0.9.1 progress report: Fixed size windows, OpenAL improvements and stability fixes

It's been a long time since the 0.9.0 release in January, but this doesn't mean we are standing still. Indeed, almost 400 commits (!) have occured during these months, covering almost all parts of OpenTK.

Much of the work has gone into stability fixes: a recent test under Mono/Linux had OpenTK create and destroy one hundred GameWindows without crashes or memory leaks. Pretty impressive results, although some race conditions still remain to be fixed.

OpenAL has seen its share of fixes, too. Alut has been deprecated in favour of the AudioContext class and the brand new AudioReader. Only wave/riff files are supported for now (with streaming), but more options will hopefully be provided in the future (ogg!) I'm keeping a close eye on Mono.Media, too - this might be the perfect solution for OpenTK.Audio.

Another oft requested feature is now supported: windows with fixed borders. Check the GameWindow.WindowBorder and GameWindow.WindowStyle properties - they are pretty straightforward to use - as well as the new "GameWindowStates" example. On a sidenote, the GameWindow.Fullscreen property has been removed (you can achieve the same effect through WindowStyle.Fullscreen). The plan is to provide a new method, GameWindow.SetFullscreen that will also handle resolution changes.

Last, but not least, several fixes have gone into the KeyboardDevice and MouseDevice classes. For example, Keys/Buttons are now released automatically whenever the window loses focus. There shouldn't be any regressions, but do keep your eyes open (and report anything strange that shows up!)

While 0.9.1 is not quite ready yet, it is shaping up nicely and should be ready for release pretty soon.

Stay tuned!


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So it's kind of a RC1 in the SVN now? :)

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But something like a beta 3. There's some stuff missing from GameWindow on Linux, plus a decision to be made on the final namespaces (OpenTK.Graphics.GL?)

As soon as these are out of the way, it's release time.

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Awesome, glad to hear it. I've been busy lately, but I've had my eye on the SVN. Looking forward to the release :)