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0.9.1 progress report: Fullscreen support!

As of right now, OpenTK applications are able to switch screen resolutions and use fullscreen modes! Two new classes, OpenTK.Graphics.DisplayDevice and OpenTK.Graphics.DisplayResolution help enumerate available displays and resolutions (yes, the code is multi-monitor aware ;) ), and provide methods to change the settings of any display. The GameWindow.Fullscreen property is finally implemented, allowing to switch between fullscreen/windowed mode at any time. While this property isn't available in GLControl, it is easy to implement manually: just maximize the containing form and hide its window decorations.

For the moment this functionality is only available on Windows (checkout from SVN). There are a couple of rough edges left to iron out and Linux support will follow shortly. It is now time to start discussing a native Mac OS X port for OpenTK, so if you happen to be a Mac OS X developer who is fairly proficient with C#, please drop by our irc channel (, #opentk). Thanks!