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Site upgrade and OpenTK progress

The OpenTK site was upgraded last night with several new features have been added (source code formatting, anonymous comments re-enabled), cleaned up URL's and (hopefully) better performance. The domain now points to this site, too. Do report if you see anything abnormal! I am also looking for recommendations on a reliable web host that supports PHP/MySQL, so if you have any in mind please share.

On another note, george has done some excellent work with Matrix and Quaternion support, both of which will be available in the next release. Not only that, but he added OpenTK.Math overloads to several OpenGL functions, too! Very nice, indeed, this is a big step towards the 1.0 release.

On the OpenTK.Fonts front, I have been busy coding text layout and caching support. It's not stable enough yet, but it's progressing steadily and should be available on the next release. Unfortunately, I am having some problems getting OpenTK to work with the latest Ati drivers for Linux. With a little luck, this will prove to be a problem with some unsupported visual, but I'm not feeling very lucky...

Last, but definitely not least, please share your thoughts on OpenTK naming conventions as these will affect all current and future projects. Thanks!