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Progress: New naming conventions

The new OpenTK.OpenGL code, which follows the .Net naming conventions, has been committed to SVN. This is a breaking change - fortunately, migration is mostly a matter of straightforward search-and-replace operations:

  1. "GL.ARB" -> "GL.Arb", "GL.EXT" -> "GL.Ext", etc
  2. "GL.Enums." -> ""
  3. "VERSION_1_5" -> "Version15", "VERSION_2_0" -> "Version20", "ARB_multitexture" -> "ArbMultitexture" etc
  4. "PROJECTION" -> "Projection", "MODELVIEW" -> "Modelview", etc

For example, "GL.Enums.BeginMode.TRIANGLES" becomes "BeginMode.Triangles", while "GL.Enums.ClearBufferMask.COLOR_BUFFER_BIT" becomes "ClearBufferMask.ColorBufferBit". Don't forget to add using OpenTK.OpenGL.Enums; to all files that use OpenGL functions.

Thanks to george's work, OpenTK now contains a fully featured math toolkit (vectors, matrices, quaternions). Font support is progressing (not ready yet), GameWindow timing has been improved, and several bugs have been fixed in the bindings. Unless something serious shows up, the next version, 0.3.13, will be ready by the end of next week.


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Great work! I'm really looking forward to 0.3.13.