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C# OpenCL bindings ready for testing

Update: current efforts are focused on Cloo (object-oriented CL wrapper), which can be found here. It provides a much cleaner OpenCL API compared to raw bindings (which are also available in case you need them).

The generator now supports generating C# OpenCL wrappers from the C headers. The OpenCL wrappers reside under the OpenTK.Compute.CL10 namespace of SVN trunk. An OpenCL sample has also been added to Examples.exe: if you have access to an OpenCL implementation, please run the VectorAdd sample and report your results here.

AMD has released a public beta of its OpenCL implementation that you can download from AMD's developer website (free registration needed). This implementation runs on all SSE3-capable CPUs and is available for Window and Linux platforms.

There is a lot of fine-tuning left to do for OpenTK's OpenCL wrappers and the sooner you test the bindings, the sooner they will become ready for release.


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I have made a report. I hope it is OK and informative. I get some memory error.

Will OpenCL get a nice OOP wrapper anytime soon?

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Thanks, I believe this error has been fixed in SVN and 0.9.9-3, but I cannot test right now.

Nythrix is working on an OOP wrapper and there's OpenCL.Net, but I don't know the current status of either project. Right now, we are focusing on core OpenTK and the GL & ES bindings and we'll work OpenTK.Compute.

Of course help is welcome:

  • Bug reports for errors like the one you encountered
  • Suggestions on how to make the OpenCL bindings simpler to use (they are hard right now!)
  • Examples and test code (the VectorAdd sample is not enough!)
  • Checking that the bindings match the specs

Every little bit helps!

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The name mangling issue has been reported as fixed in AMD Stream 2.0 beta 4. Can someone please test and confirm whether VectorAdd works now?

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Well, I've tested it and it does not throw any exceptions for me. But the result I get is


To be honest I haven't checked what this example should do. I was only interested if the bindings work.

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Thanks, the important fact is that it doesn't crash anymore!

The 0 + 0 = 0 issue is a bug, I'll fix that.

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the following line from the "vectorAdd" example returns an error 'OpenTK.Compute.CL10.ErrorCode.InvalidKernelName':

// create kernel
            cl_kernel hKernel = CL.CreateKernel(hProgram, "vectorAdd", out error);

resulting in hKernel staying 0 so nothing gets ever called. That is why the result is still all 0.

I am using the ATi Beta 4 together with a HD 5770 using VS 2008.

Bernd Krekeler.

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The 0+0=0 issue was unintended (simply forgot to initialize the arrays). Fixed now.

Still haven't been able to test on Ati Stream, due to #1299: [Compute] Ati Stream SDK 2.0 beta 4 causes DllNotFoundException.

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I have a computer with :
- an Intel CPU
- an Intel Graphic Card

So, my question is... if I write an application based on OpenCL... will it work to on machines that doesn't support OpenCL ?
or I must write another version of my soft ?


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I think, Intel does not provide OpenCL drivers, yet. You cannot run such an application without them.

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You can use Ati's Stream SDK (free registration required). It requires SSE3 (any Core 2 or newer will do), but otherwise runs on Intel CPUs just fine.