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Garbage Collecting OpenGL resources

A quick test proved that it is possible to safely garbage collect OpenGL resources. The necessary hooks have been commited to SVN, and a small article describing the interaction between the GC and OpenGL has been uploaded to the manual.

This feature is completely optional: unless you use the relevant hooks, the GC will remain oblivious of your resources. It is also not 100% complete yet: X11GLContext is being updated to accomodate the necessary changes, a few locks are still missing for thread-safety, and the code is generally in an experimental stage.

This experiment was inspired by a discussion on object-oriented OpenGL classes. Unfortunately I do not have the time resources to pursue this feature to its conclusion, but I will gladly accept code for garbage-collectable VertexBufferObject, Shader or Texture classes.

Current work concerns context creation enhancements (Fsaa support). These features will appear on OpenTK 0.3.14, which should arrive shortly after Mono 1.2.6 is released.


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Great news!

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Very interesting. I can't wait to find the time to take a look at the implementation. Good work!