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Site upgrade: Documentation

The Documentation section has been updated with new content and functionality. It now forms what is known as a "collaborative book", which functions not unlike a wiki; once logged in, you can create new pages in the book, edit existing ones, or even change the chapter layout. There isn't much content to speak of right now but new pages are slowly being added, with the intent of acting not only as a manual for OpenTK but also for 3d programming in the managed world (hey, let a man aim high!)

A rough outline of the chapters:

  1. Installation
    [Linux, Windows, compilation instructions, starting a new project]

  2. A Simple Introduction
    [creating a window, drawing shapes, resizing the window, user input]

  3. Warming up
    [common game-related tasks like framerate independence, text rendering, mode setting, projections/math, loading resources, playing sounds]

  4. Putting it all Together
    [show how to create a simple game, e.g. 3d pong or something of that calibre]

  5. Advanced Topics
    [managed/unmanaged resource pools, interop performance, the GC, scripting on .Net]

  6. Crash-course in OpenGL
  7. OpenAL madness
  8. References

Any specific topics you'd like to see discussed? Interested in helping out? Waiting for your thoughts!


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I take it you want that tree-like behaviour to easily add mt. evans and whatever the future brings to the documentation?
I'm not sure if I like this behavior, but it does have the perk of being able to easily add new material in sub-pages.

Please delete that "Testing :P" tree for me,
Will do (still trying to figure out which permission controls page deletion :/ )

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I guess it will be acceptable once there is a large table-of-contents page that unfolds the tree and allows jumping directly into pages without clicking through it's 5 ancestors. Maybe I'm missing some easy index of the book, but with the SF lag it's a test of patience navigating (well, was at the weekend. Runs ok atm).
What options remain though? Splitting GL2 and 3 into separate chapters without any crosslinks? Set one of the APIs as standard for the book and mention differences in a small sub-page? Trying to deal with the differences in a single page? Really don't know, all options have their pro&contra.

Seeing that russian spammer flood the forum, it may be best if only Admins can delete pages.

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Looks like spambots have started getting smarter. I should toughen up the captchas and probably create a new user group with delete capabilities...

I've been modifying this site to make it faster, but it seems like I'll have to move it off SF in the end.

Two different chapters will probably work best, once I find out how to create a big nice TOC.