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New site theme and bug tracker

Ok, so the old theme was an eyesore. Ugly. Pretty bad all around. But it's gone now, so hit F5 twice and enjoy the new looks!

On to the real news now: a bug-tracker has (finally) been added to opentk. Please use the "Create Content" -> "issue report" link to report bugs or request features (existing content will be migrated from the forum to the bug tracker).

There is a little polishing left to do during the next few days (navigation, performance) and I'd love to hear suggestions and opinions. I'd also appreciate it if you can test the site on Konqueror, Safari, IE6 or Firefox 2, as I don't have access to these. Thanks!


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Great! Looks slick and modern. I did like the old one too, but the logo just didn't fit in the page alright. This one fits like the hand in the glove :)

And the issue tracking system will be well worth those hours of config-time you've had to put down Fiddler!

Keep up the good work and goodnight from Sweden..

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nice :-) ... IE 6 doesnt display the logo correctly, it can not handle transparent pngs ... but i guess most of us use firefox or at least IE 7 :-)

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Ah, of course, the notorious png-with-alpha IE6 bug... I'll add a workaround for that (for some reason, IE6 still has about 10% of the market-share on this site).

Edit: workaround in place, someone with IE6 please test if it's ok now!

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I like the new site! Not sure about the logo? What's it supposed to be? It reminds me of Spawn (Comic).

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Is there any page with the logo graphics in different resolutions..? Would be great to be able to add into app's loading screens etc. (Powered by OpenTK)

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Good idea. Let's create a nice logo, then we can do that. :)

@JTalton: it's programmer art. You are right though, it kinda brings Spawn to mind.