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OpenGL 3.2 API quick reference card

A must read for all OpenGL developers: OpenGL 3.2 quick reference card! Also available for OpenCL.

Kudos to Khronos for creating those PDFs. They are invaluable for looking up some specific parameter or function quickly.

Now, I'm going to print them out and keep them by my workstation.


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Ah this makes me want to dive into OpenGL3 ;)

If I wanted to learn OpenGL3 - what would be an appropriate level demo? A spinning cube with it's sides shaded using pixel shaders, and the geometry generated by a what-is-it-called from a point-primitive? Or even simpler, a triangle shaded with pixel shader, and corners generated from what-is-it-called? Would adding texturing to the mix make everything much harder?

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I think a simple per-pixel lighting shader would be the best place to start. The shader itself is simple (example written in OpenGL 2.1), so it's a good learning experience. Add a plane and a few spheres and you've got a pinball or a billiards game in the making.

By the way, the reference card also covers stuff found in earlier OpenGL versions, like immediate mode or non-generic VBOs. It marks deprecated methods in purple so you know so it's immediately obvious whether you should use them or not. Nice!

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the reference card also shows up the stuff that is missing from the gl3.h file. though i'm not to sure if the reference card itself is not missing stuff.

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This is quite useful, thanks.