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OpenTK 0.3.13 brings Fonts, Math and a QuickStart sample

Get it while it's hot.

New features:

  • OpenGL API now follows .Net naming conventions.
  • OpenTK.Fonts for text rendering.
  • OpenTK.Math for Vector, Matrix and Quaternion math.
  • Improved GameWindow timing and shutdown behavior.
  • VSync support.
  • New tutorials for OpenTK.Fonts.
  • Improved Linux support. GameWindow no longer crashes on exit.
  • Windows 98, ME and 2000 support.
  • Contributors.txt file.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed for this release.

The changes to the naming conventions mean that existing projects will not compile with the new version. While inconvenient, the OpenGL API now fits better in the .Net ecosystem and this will be for the best in the long run. Refer to these guidelines on how to migrate your project.

Don't forget to check the Release.txt file for the list of known issues and report any problems you encounter while using the library.

Till next time!


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