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The Open Toolkit library 0.9.9-3

OpenTK 0.9.9-3 is the fourth work-in-progress snapshot of the 0.9.9 series that will lead to our first stable release.

0.9.9-3 resolves a large number of issues in the OpenGL and OpenCL bindings, the NativeWindow and the GLControl classes, as well as the math library.

Users of previous OpenTK versions are encouraged to upgrade. Please read the release notes for upgrade instructions.

0.9.9-3 highlights:

  • Bindings with generic ref/out overloads now reflect changes back to the caller.
  • Improved OpenGL 3.2 bindings.
  • Added helper overloads to GetAttrib* methods.
  • Fixed 'out string' parameters in ES20 (should have been StringBuilder).
  • Added Icon and IconChanged support to NativeWindow.
  • Added Focused and FocusedChanged support to NativeWindow.
  • Added KeyPress event to NativeWindow (in progress).
  • Improved WindowBorder and WindowState changes for NativeWindow on win32.
  • Fixed premature GLControl initialization (Load event is now correctly raised).
  • Fixed Vector[234]d and Matrix4d signatures (double instead of float) and added several new methods to Matrix4 and Matrix4d.
  • Fixed a large number of smaller issues and annoyances in NativeWindow (see complete bug list, below).
  • Improved internal loading code for the various bindings.
  • Made the binding generator more robust when handling invalid or malformed specifications.
  • GameWindow OnLoad and OnUnload methods are now protected instead of public (this was supposed to happen in the previous release).

Download complete changelog or read the complete 0.9.9-3 release notes.

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