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The Open Toolkit library 1.0 rc1

With the almost 4-year long development cycle drawing to an end, OpenTK 1.0 rc-1 is released. This is a release candidate, which means the code is considered production-ready.

Notable changes:

  • NSIS-based installer for Windows. OpenTK is automatically added to the "Add References" dialog - no need to hunt for the dlls manually anymore.
  • New targets for Build.exe: lib (build library), nsis (build installer), all (build everything!) Runtime for a complete build: 26 minutes 7 seconds on a 1.8GHz Core 2 and a 80GB X25-M Intel SSD.
  • Various improvements to behavior on Windows and (especially) Linux. Multithreaded rendering now works as expected.
  • Minor documentation fixes.

Depending on user feedback, a new release candidate may or may not be published in the following days.

Work will now focus on documentation and packaging. If you are interested in helping out, here are some things that would really help:

It is also time to start discussing desired features for the next version of OpenTK. If there were exactly three things that you would like to see in OpenTK +1, what would those be? Here is my list:

  1. Mouse hiding/grabbing without relying on WinForms hacks.
  2. Improved runtime debugging/tracing for OpenGL.
  3. Support for OpenGL 3.3/4.0.


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  1. Pave the way for sRGB and floating-point framebuffers (Yes, both can already be used with FBO, I'm thinking GL Contexts)
  2. Add an example application that demos stereoscopic view, idk whether this has been confirmed to work.
  3. GL 3.3/4.0 cleanup.

I guess it's mostly stuff to ensure OpenTK staying future-proof, 120Hz+ 3D Screens are the big thing coming 2010! Think big, not just cellphone ;)

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2. I have been using 3d stereo on Linux and Windows since 0.9.8. Working fine!

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Hello , when i builded my project in vs9. i met a error "can not find OpenTK.Prebuild.xml'. Line 129, position 5". where to find the OPenTK.Prebuild.xml file. Thanks.