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The Open Toolkit Library 1.1 rc2

OpenTK 1.1 release candidate 2 is now ready for download.


This release is compatible with the 1.1 API.

Release schedule
OpenTK 1.1 stable will be released on 15 February 2014.

Monthly releases will track new OpenGL and OpenGL ES features, fix bugs and add support for new platforms. The current focus is on merging support for Xamarin.Android and iOS.

OpenTK 1.1 rc2 contains the following changes compared to 1.1 rc1:

  • [Graphics] Fixed invalid IL instruction in int GL.Get*(), int GL.Gen*() and GL.Delete*(int) overloads.
  • [Graphics] Marked DebugProc* callbacks with the correct unmanaged calling convention.
  • [Graphics] StringBuilder parameters will now grow the StringBuilder as needed. This matches OpenTK 1.0 behavior.
  • [Input] Added support for hat input in OpenTK.Input.Joystick
  • [Math] Matrix4d implementation now matches Matrix4 more closely (thanks Jonas Boesch!)
  • [Win] Joystick.GetState() and Joystick.GetCapabilities() are now significantly faster

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