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Progress: Tutorials

According to your input, it seems that the most wanted features are improved documentation and support for mode setting. Following these, we have GLU support, fonts and text, stability, sound and joystick input.

The current plan is to tackle these tasks in the order layed out above, making frequent releases to gather feedback (code contributions would be very welcome!) For the first task, documentation, several features have been added to the Example Launcher: every example now includes an html page describing how it works, with links to the function reference. Moreover, you can view and edit its source code on the fly and see your changes immediately! Hopefully, this will become a great tool for exploring OpenTK and testing new ideas. Check the attached screenshots.

The new Example Launcher resides in the "examples" branch, and is almost ready. The next step is to generate a function reference with NDoc and make it available online. As soon as both are complete, it will be time for a new release - hopefully at some point between this weekend and the next.

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