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Progress (0.3.14): VersionXY enums dropped

Thanks to Inertia's awesome work, the generic Version12, Version13, etc enums have been replaced by specific ones. This change makes core functionality like Shaders, Vertex Buffer Objects, Point Sprites and Multitexturing both easier and safer to use: code-completing editors will be able to suggest a compact list of available tokens (in contrast with the large VersionXY lists), while improved type-safety means you are protected from passing invalid tokens to OpenGL functions.

On another note, JTalton has done a great job in coding a double-precision version of the math toolkit and george has investigated the reported errata in the Matrix functions and produced the necessary fixes (actually only one function, Perspective, had a problem). The next release, 0.3.14, is progressing smoothly and should become available at some point during this weekend (release status available in the Roadmap).

Don't forget to say hello at the IRC channel! (, #opentk)


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I really like the pace you're keeping now :)

If t-shirts, coffe- or teacups with the OpenTK logo were available, I would buy at least one item heh

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Merchandise! I'd like to suggest some OpenTK mascot teddybear which you can cuddle if everything runs smooth, or throw against the wall if things don't go your way!

Regarding the enums, there are some more I intend to clean up, but like Fiddler said it's more sane to limit the amount of stuff you introduce in a new version and make sure that runs properly before adding more. Most important was to remove the problem that VersionXY enums often did not offer any valid parameters for their functions, which should be alot better with 3.14 :)

You can look up the changes in the Documentation section of the forum, in case you are having troubles porting old code into the new enums.