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Project database and blog service now online

The project database is an index of projects related to OpenTK. It replaces the personal projects forum as the place to advertize your projects and provides you with:

  • A customized project page.
  • The ability to host and distribute releases.
  • The ability to use the issue tracker for your project.

If you have a project that you wish to share, simply log-in and click on Create content -> Project. This service comes with some restrictitions - please read the project database chapter in the documentation before using it.

The blog service an informal communication channel where you can post news, project updates, screenshots and other interesting pieces of information. It is independent from the project database and is open to all registered users (Create content -> blog). Your posts do not need to be related to your projects or even technical oriented, but please write in English and avoid inappropriate content.

Both services are considered experimental at this point and may undergo changes in the near future. Please use the issue tracker to report any issues you find or to suggest improvements.


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Its is nice to see this site becoz it will helps to lot of student to know more about the concept of OPEN GL interface.........
It really helps me to know more about OPEN GL system
Thanks for site builders...........