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Website update

After 4 weeks in development, a long-due site overhaul is at hand: at 22:00 GMT, today, the site will be moved to a new server with a new theme. The process should take about 15 minutes, after which the new site will be reachable through The old addresses will start redirecting there, as soon as the DNS propagation is complete.

Edit: Site move complete. It took a little more time than initially planned, but almost everything went smoothly. Please, be patient while the kinks are ironed out, and report any problems you see! The old theme is still available in your account options, if you happen to prefer that one.

It may seem that the site is still a little sparse, but new functionality/content will gradually be added. Don't hesitate to voice your suggestions/opinions. Thanks!


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Well besides the Documentation menu looking weird (Winxp/firefox2/normal text size) this looks great, and feels 10 times as responsive as the old site! Good work!

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I'm fixing the menu right now :)

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Indeed, excellent :)

has the "Recent Posts" functionality been added with the update too, or do I need glasses?

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It may seem that the site is still a little sparse, but new functionality/content will gradually be added. Don't hesitate to voice your suggestions/opinions.

Please don't go down the and bloat '' is just horrible when it comes to usability because it is cluttered with features. (the no.1. killer of usability is feature bloat ..)

... right now it is just fine! What more functionality would be needed really? There is download, documentation, forums and user accounts. Keep it simple ..

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I'm still debating where to put this data. Probably on a block in the left (where the "new forum posts" used to be), or maybe just below the main page (which isn't ready yet).

I'm thinking of moving the "news" section inside the "project" menu, and have a "home" page as the main page of the site. The recent posts page (or block) could take care of the news. What do you think?

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Sounds nice. A "home" link leftmost in the menu then?

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I was thinking of two things: a) to improve the forum (quote functionality, "theme" the "delete" and "edit" buttons, differentiate new posts and take care of the "jump to last post" functionality which is currently broken) and b) to add a project gallery.

Nothing too fancy however - I've tried to keep page size down (there are people on dialup accessing the site). In any case, I'm not a web developer, so I can't do too fancy things even if I wanted (I pretty much had to learn php/xhtml/css/xsl from scratch to make this site, hence the long incubation period :) )

Edit: "Home" in place of "News", and the logo would link there, too.

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About the forum: I think it works quite alright already. One thing I've stumbled upon though was that when you go to page 2 or later in a long thread, the first message of the thread still appears ontop, which feels kinda strange. The last message of the previous page would be more intuitive.

Project gallery: would be nice! Then I could put up Dogfight2008 there .. :)

StApostol, the site is great now. Take a rest from html-world and start fixing OpenTK 0.3.14 instead :) I'll send you a postcard from Sweden describing how great OpenTK is if you do ;) [ and I had your snail-mail-adress ]

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Please don't go down the and bloat
Indeed, simple is good. The only thing that *might* be useful is links to external sites or project sites using OpenTK.

I don't think everyone should be able to delete anything, neither in the book nor forum. The only times when it really makes sense to remove a topic when it's outdated (i.e. issue resolved). This never happens in the book and rarely in the forums.

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Agreed about the top message, but couldn't find a module that did that, and I'm not about to hack into the core to add this functionality myself :)

Haha, ok, here's the deal: I start fixing 0.3.14, and you send that postcard when it's released! :)

I had that ready, but it didn't survive the database move and had to revert to the original (ugly) version.

I don't see why deleting a forum post is bad. A separate role would be a good idea for book pages and general forum administration, but individual posts aren't harmful (I do that from time to time, when replying to the wrong post or something like that).