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Website update

After 4 weeks in development, a long-due site overhaul is at hand: at 22:00 GMT, today, the site will be moved to a new server with a new theme. The process should take about 15 minutes, after which the new site will be reachable through The old addresses will start redirecting there, as soon as the DNS propagation is complete.

Edit: Site move complete. It took a little more time than initially planned, but almost everything went smoothly. Please, be patient while the kinks are ironed out, and report any problems you see! The old theme is still available in your account options, if you happen to prefer that one.

It may seem that the site is still a little sparse, but new functionality/content will gradually be added. Don't hesitate to voice your suggestions/opinions. Thanks!


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Hello !

Thanks to try to change the look of my current favorite webpage ! Personnaly, i prefer the first one, so it's wonderful to have choice to keep the old theme ! Thank for this effort !
You asked to give our opinions, I just give mine !
early happy new year !

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Do you like the Links drop-down? I do :) Thanks!

The background color feels wrong again though?! (*confused*)

With that "Recent Posts" functionality I really have no more suggestions how to improve the site. Navigation is much better now, and having all posts sorted by date is truely a big help going through updates :)

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It seems the old background color has been cached somehow, and is displayed on some pages. I'll try to clear the cache folder and see if that helps.

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In general I love the upgrade, but something has happened to the "1" and "2" links of long threads; my whole display "jumps" when I point at such links.

But not if I'm entering a new message, like right now! Strange ;)

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Sure I'll send you one :) But I need your mail adress then, my private email is at bjarnason.olof (turn both dot-pairs around).

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Are you referring to the page numbers (as in "first, "previous", "1", "2", ...)? They seem to work normally here.

Sure thing!

Site todo list (so I don't forget later):

  1. Post colors are wrong. I thought post numbers increased linearly per topic, but they seem to increase globally (I'll have to change the logic or even discard alternating colors altogether.)
  2. News page.
  3. Tutorial submenu links.
  4. Make forum/comment links go to the last post.
  5. Add quote functionality to comments.
  6. Improve function reference stylesheet/xslt. This can wait until after 0.3.14.
  7. Style delete/edit links (low priority).
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Well it seems to work sometimes here. I get the feeling the css "height" of non-hovered-links and hovered-links differ.

The place where the problems shows most often is News->'Website update', when hovering over "first", "previous", "1" or "2".

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[Menu system]
Would it be possible for users like me to alter the submenu-items, eg. adding "Google Sketcup" under Tools&Utilities? (I use Sketchup and a custom mesh format for Dogfight2008, guess Sketchup could be useful to more OpenTK game developers than me)

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Aha, I think I see what you mean now, I'll see what I can do.

Hadn't though of that before, interesting idea. Maybe a "submit a link" page to allow users to submit a project link (with description and images) or a plain link? Otherwise it would be possible to open up the site in a wiki-like way, but seeing the number of (failed) spambots hitting these pages, I don't feel very comfortable with this idea.

What do you think?

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A submit-link page is nice, but doesn't it have the same problems with spam bots as letting users edit the link list (no pun intended!) in a wiki like way? Maybe the list isn't driven from the wiki page but som database table? Then I guess it is a little more appropriate with a submit-link page.