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Website update

After 4 weeks in development, a long-due site overhaul is at hand: at 22:00 GMT, today, the site will be moved to a new server with a new theme. The process should take about 15 minutes, after which the new site will be reachable through The old addresses will start redirecting there, as soon as the DNS propagation is complete.

Edit: Site move complete. It took a little more time than initially planned, but almost everything went smoothly. Please, be patient while the kinks are ironed out, and report any problems you see! The old theme is still available in your account options, if you happen to prefer that one.

It may seem that the site is still a little sparse, but new functionality/content will gradually be added. Don't hesitate to voice your suggestions/opinions. Thanks!


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Well I must say that list is extremely useful! Good job!

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Otherwise it would be possible to open up the site in a wiki-like way, but seeing the number of (failed) spambots hitting these pages, I don't feel very comfortable with this idea.
Shouldn't the options be solely determined by access level? Something like this:

Level 0 - Anonymous - can read and post, cannot edit/delete.
Level 1 - Registered - can read and post, can edit/delete SELFCREATED topics/comments.
Level 2 - Trusted - can read, post, edit and delete everywhere.

Users that register would automatically be Level 1, while Level 2 requires manual "promotion" (i.e. User has contributed to the forum/comments multiple times or someone who vouch for him)

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well, this was just an idea ... the user number will probably grow when OpenTK enters beta stage, and it would be rather annoying if everyone who is registered can mess with the book/forums.

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I think it's a good idea, just a little busy with other things right now ;)

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It wasn't a "do it, or I won't invite you to my birthday party!" threat (won't invite you anyway because you make me wait for the enums!)

It might make sense to add one more level between 1 and 2, deleting is a powerful tool and if abused one could do quite some damage in a few minutes. Sure, there's probably backups (or requires admin confirmation before making the change permanent?) to counter something like that, but I'd try to avoid this in the first place.

I believe other people will also feel more comfortable posting pages in the book if they can rely on them staying there. Noone likes to put hours of work into something, that can be easily destroyed by a single mouse click.

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Indeed! I've spent like 10 hours on the GLControl tutorial, plz don't delete it ;)

But seriously, maybe I should keep a backup at my hard drive too?

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Well, I'll keep my backups until the first "troll encounter".

One day some kid - that suffers from the misconcept that destruction is more powerful than creation - will find this site and wreak havoc, and I don't intend to be it's victim.

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No need to worry, right now destructive vandalism isn't really possible.
a) only admins can delete content
b) all edits are versioned and can be rolled back
c) database is backuped regularly

Besides, there already are distinct user roles: anonymous (post with captcha), user (post and edit book), developer (post and edit all, post news, change menus), admin - it's just a matter of testing the correct permissions.