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glGetObjectParameteriv missing?

Hi, first of all awesome work guys. I've been waiting for a good GL tool kit for a long while to come to .net/mono and opentk is shaping up to be quite good.

So, I am working on a 3d engine and I am at the state where I want to compile/debug shaders using opentk and I notice I couldn't find the "glGetObjectParameteriv" method to retrieve compile status. I know I get the the shader log using "glGetShaderInfoLog" method, but I was wondering if there was a reason "glGetObjectParameteriv" was not there, or is it using a different name?

Anyways, awesome work!

PS: In the future, once I am confortable with its stability I'll release a Collada parser I built for my engine, I can currently load all scene and geometry from a collada file and I've been testing it with google sketchup. Still needs work on the material and shader side. Anyone else working on something similar?


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There is no 'glGetObjectParameteriv' function in the specs. The closest matches are 'glGetProgramiv' and 'glGetObjectParameterivARB'.

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I based my Collada loader on this. Still, I'm far from finished.
There's demand for a C# Collada parser yet no proper opensource project has appeared. Makes you wonder about the state of the documentation or the format itself. Is it out of reach of your standard saturday developer? It surely drives me nuts constantly.

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Hahh makes sense fiddler, I was looking at an old opengl doc at opengl.org. I do see that glGetProgramiv is what I want... but I just took a look at my copy of opentk and all the 'GetProgram...' methods I have are: GL.GetProgram and GL.GetProgramInfoLog. Should I be looking somewhere else?

nythrix: Hey thanks for the link, I'll take a look at that post later and see what they have. I have been implementing mine using the specs, and although it is very comprehensive on what every element does, and what the basic interactions are.... there are still places where the only way to really see how something works is to walk a collada file itself.

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GL.GetProgram is the method you are looking for. OpenTK removes 'gl' and 'iv', 'fv' etc from methods: for example, glGetProgram[iv|fv] are both translated into GL.GetProgram (overloaded).

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You might want to take a look at OOGL and CSat, these projects can load .ms3d and .md5 models.

In a perfect world we would merge all these loaders into a single library (and also JTalton's .obj loader which is somewhere in this forum) so they can be used by a broader audience, which inevitably improves their quality (especially compatibility problems with different modelling package exporters can be hard to track).

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Thank you so much Fiddler, I should have guessed that.

[inertia] thanks for the links, I'll keep an eye those. Yeah I agree it would be helpful to other to put them on a library, but I am of the mind set of writing my own code, and using libraries that don't impose any design on my code where possible. If the community were to merged the loaders, I think it would be helpful(more powerful?) if they would be written in a way that doesn't impose a vertex format on the user. I'm experimenting with that idea right now with my collada loader