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Cant use Search

When logged in and I tried use Search, it writes
"Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator."

When not logged in, search works.


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Search seems to work fine here. Was this regular content or typical search? What where the search terms? (we've had some issues with specific terms before, but these should be resolved now)

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I tried search words like trunk (want to know is 0.9.9 in trunk?) and others but any word wont work.

Ah, I just tested that on IE, it works. But not on Google Chrome.

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Interesting, I'll test with Chrome when I reboot to Windows. There's no browser-specific code there, so this could be a browser incompatibility.

Current trunk tracks 0.9.9 (next release, 0.9.9-1, will be based off that). The '0.9.8' branch tracks 0.9.8 releases.