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Bubble Team RC1

Bubble Team is an old learning project ported to OpenTK, a remake of the Arcade classic "Bubble Bobble" for up to 2 Players. It's most enjoyable when you play it cooperative, it is family friendly and doesn't contain any violence or gore. It contains 42 Levels of fun versus 4 different Monsters, a dozen PowerUps and lots of yummy fruit! :)

Provided as .rar compressed archive.
Requires .Net 2.0 (or equivalent Mono version), proper OpenGL and OpenAL drivers installed.

Download via MediaFire (English, RAR ~10MB)

Download via MediaFire (English, ZIP ~11MB)

The readme file contains all relevant information how to play the game or how to add more levels, if you do create new levels I'd love to see them. Mind this is the Release Candidate 1, if you experience any problems running the game and OpenTK's troubleshooting page did not help fixing the problem, I'd love to hear about it. Any other constructive feedback is welcome aswell.



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Just a word of warning: this game is very addicting! I've played it with my 12-year old cousin and he bugged me for days until we finally beat all 42 levels.

Now he's asking for more - consider yourselves warned! ;-)

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Plz screenshot us! :) Is there a home page for the project?

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Is the download not working or the app?

There's no homepage and also no intention to continue developing the gameplay any further beyond what's there atm. It has no multiplayer capabilities which require maintenance (in fact no network access at all) and is meant to be entertainment for a few hours tops anyway. You will find it's in a rather mature state already, but IMO if developed any further it should rather be ported to use a 2D engine rather than try to make sense out of my first C# program from 3 years ago ;-) I just wanted this disconnected from XNA as it is a fun little game to come back to for a ride again from time to time. All content is unprotected in the Data folder and the binary may be disassembled aswell.

Screens from the XNA version (identical to OpenTK)

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Damn that looks nice ;)

Argh my .rar-shareware license for Ubuntu is out-of-days (40).

Anyone know how to register/unpack .rar archives in Ubuntu after 40 days of usage?

(Inertia: could you create a .7z archive? I think it packs even better than .rar plus is completely free)

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sudo apt-get install unrar. It's free as in speech. Don't bother with the shareware library.

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Well done, it' s really a nice game that is developed perfect.

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Well done Inertia! Love the graphics & sound, and the game "plays" very much like the classic game regarding controls and level-swapping and such details. You must have had lots of fun making this game. :)

Some questions:

a) What graphics programs did you use?
b) What sound programs did you use?
c) Did you use pixel-precise rendering (removing all GL filters) during quad-texturing?
d) Will you open-source this project some time?

Some observations from the Ubuntu platform:

0. It would have been nice with a ""-script in the root to avoid the Terminal altogether
1. There were several load-errors during boot (had to click OK at every popup), but all graphics during gameplay seemed to work fine
2. The last popup window did not respond to OK-clicks nor close-clicks (had to move it away from the main window)
3. This is the output on the terminal:

X11 Error encountered: 
  Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
  Request:     4 (0)
  Resource ID: 0x4E00002
  Serial:      239
  Hwnd:        <null>
  Control:     <null>   at System.Environment.get_StackTrace()
   at System.Windows.Forms.XplatUIX11.HandleError(IntPtr display, XErrorEvent ByRef error_event)
   at OpenTK.Platform.X11.Functions.XCloseDisplay(IntPtr )
   at OpenTK.Platform.X11.API.CurrentDomain_ProcessExit(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
   at System.EventHandler.invoke_void__this___object_EventArgs(System.Object , System.EventArgs )
AL lib: alBuffer.c:1097: exit() 8 Buffer(s) NOT deleted

Edit: And thanks Fiddler unrar worked out-of-the-box in the built-in archive-app of Ubuntu. Slick!

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Glad you like it, the game kinda grew around a sprite controlled by the keyboard...

a) Deluxe Paint 2 for all sprite sheets.
b) Audacity
c) yes, both set to nearest.
d) Why? Any further development of the game (adding more monsters/boss etc.) would be simpler to do with something like SDGK2 than the existing sources. I have no intentions to work on this any more than fixing remaining issues, release a final and be done with it :p

It's a cute little game with limited longevity.

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a) Deluxe Paint 2?! Cool. DPaintIV is my all-time-favorite pixel based graphics program.
b) Ah, will try that sometime. I've used GoldWave a couple of times when in need, it's OK too.
c) Thought so :)
d) Some reasons - because people could write new variations of Bubble Bobble with slight tweaks/remixes. Or for the good of mankind? The way I see it, the only reason not to OSS a game is if it is internet-based in some way. If it is, there is too much hack-the-hiscore-list and similar problems (cheating in all forms). For a casual free game, that do not provide a global hiscore, I see no reason to keep the source closed.

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I see no reason to keep the source closed
Sometimes, I'm ashamed of my code. Especially older pieces. I guess that's an all-time favorite reason.
I'm curious about Inertia though :)