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starting 2D game developement

Ok. so technically OpenTK is already the engine, but I started to try and wrap some things to start developing. Really all I have started to do was create a sprite in the loosest sense of the word.

It's a little confusing, but I basically want to create 2d game object that can display different textures, but separate things like co-ordinates to the object, and I think this design might actually work. What do you guys think? I want to keep it simple.

Yes, I am aware of the many 2d game engines out there already, but I really hate all the library dependencies.

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You can have a look at my framework ArcEngine. It's in C# and use OpenTK. I have a project hosted here called Dungeon Eye. If you need inspiration about sprite I can send you my Tile class which act as sprite.


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I have looked at it a little bit. It is very helpful. I am trying to not use the Tao framework at all either, which it looks like you rely on a bit.

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The svn is really out of date, about 8 months I didn't commit. I can send you the source code, or you can wait until I handle how to use use svn :)
Maybe a faster solution is to use Reflector to look inside arcengine.dll.

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You can use OpenTK for 2D game development, but maybe it's better you start out with a 2D game development library, instead of using 3D (OpenGL) for rendering 2D.

Check out AgateLib. I've never used it, but it looks good and can use OpenTK for rendering.

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AgateLib is odd. I'd rather just use SDLdotNet, or TaoSDL.

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Really? What's odd about it?

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The whole driver system, it can use OpenTK, or SDL, or whatever. A lot of code I don't see being used. I guess a lack of a good example /demo is what holds be back. Something that really shows how to use textures and whatnot.