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SVN access for contributed projects

Is it possible to have svn acces for hosted projects ? Currently I use Codeplex SVN but I'm not pleased with it (lot of sync problems).


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You could try Google Code, I've always used it for SVN hosting and it has always worked fine for me.

Recently, I've started using Assembla too, which has more advanced time tracking and issue management tools.

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I don't want to spread too much. I already have an account at wordpress, codeplex and here.

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No, it is not possible to host version control systems on

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iliak - if you want you could skip the blog at wordpress and use the one at opentk instead. Then you have the "announce, download & blog"-pages here, and only the revision history of the source somewhere else.

I appreciate that OpenTK has a blog and a project announce/download page, aswell as issue tracking. But I think it is quite alright that it doesn't have source control too -- google code / launchpad / github do those things well and it would burden OpenTK-developers (hint: Fiddler) even more if that functionality was provided by