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Catalyst 9.8 and ARB_geometry_shader4

Catalyst 9.8 finally added support for {ARB|EXT}_geometry_shader4! Just wanted to let you guys know since it was not mentioned in the changelog.

It seems to work fine too. I am looking forward to play around with it :)


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At long, long, *long* last!

This opens up a couple of interesting algorithms, e.g. cubemap rendering in one go (for point shadows), better particles, GPU tesselation (although performance is not that good) to name a few.

I'd love to add a geometry shader sample to OpenTK, so please post if you implement anything interesting!

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I have made a simple example in the examples framework. I will clean it up and post it here later on :)

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The ProgramParameter must be called before linking:

attached is the patch. It also contains some typo fixes.

move.patch4.23 KB
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hmm, I wanted to reply to the other thead: http://www.opentk.com/node/1117