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Rendering gets slower and slower

Project:Dungeon Eye
Category:bug report

When I tried Dungueon Eye, the game play got slower and slower. To begin with it was crisp.

It felt like 3 or 4 FPS at the end, it was hard to even move the party.

Attaching the .log file found beside the .exe.

DungeonEye.log4.89 KB


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On line 25 :

Enumerating audio devices.
    System.DllNotFoundException: Det gick inte att läsa in DLL-filen openal32.dll: Det går inte att hitta den angivna modulen. (Undantag från HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
   vid OpenTK.Audio.Alc.IsExtensionPresent(IntPtr device, String extname)
   vid OpenTK.Audio.AudioContext.LoadAvailableDevices()
Message : openal32.dll
StackTrace :    vid OpenTK.Audio.AudioContext.CreateContext(String device, Int32 freq, Int32 refresh, Boolean sync, Boolean enableEfx)
   vid OpenTK.Audio.AudioContext..ctor(String device, Int32 freq, Int32 refresh, Boolean sync, Boolean enableEfx)
   vid OpenTK.Audio.AudioContext..ctor()
   vid ArcEngine.Audio.Sound.Init()
   vid ArcEngine.Game.Run()
   vid DungeonEye.DungeonEye.Main()
[Warning] OpenGL context 131072 leaked. Did you forget to call IGraphicsContext.Dispose()?

According to me, the GL context is bad even before starting the game. So it can explain why it's so slow. Let's resolve the sound issue first.

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About the FPS dropping: it seems to be related to the mode where I see all characters to the right. When I'm in "inventory" for one of the characters, the FPS is much higher. Attaching a new log.

DungeonEye.log8.16 KB