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Render to a Texture

I'd like to render to a texture on-the-fly. There's a nice little article describing how to do it here however I'm unfamiliar with using OpenGL extensions. Is there anything special I need to do in order to be able to use this with OpenTK?

Leading on from this: is this extension fairly reliably supported? - it seems like a pretty basic thing to be asking for.

thanks in advance


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In OpenTK, you use extensions like any other function, for example GL.Ext.RenderbufferFramebuffer(). Render-to-texture is supported reliably on AMD, Nvidia cards and Intel/Linux. However, it was not supported on Intel/Windows last time I checked.

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Forgot to mention that we have documentation on using Framebuffer objects with OpenTK

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Thanks. Once again you've made it crystal clear for me. :)