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Bad report/count of online users

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions
Category:bug report

Right here's what is written on "Who's online" :

"There are currently 0 users and 4 guests online. "

It's wrong as i'm connected as Iliak.


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I noticed some weirdness in the who's online section before too. Sometimes it does not show my username, and sometimes it shows my name multiple times. Also sometimes it looks like i'm not logged in (there is a login section on the lefthand side) but I am able to post and edit posts.

I assumed this was due to me using privoxy which in certain cases changes some html/js.

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Status:open» fixed
The "who's online" block shows cached data for performance reasons (it's updated whenever a user logs in/out or every 5 minutes otherwise). I've tuned its settings to update more often now. The login section should always be up to date, however. If it is not, either your browser or your proxy contain stale data (a refresh should fix that).
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Settings my parameters in Firefox and going to OpenTK homepage several time, "who's online" logged me 3 times.

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That's expected - the site actually considers you logged in multiple times. The same thing will happen if you log in from different computers or different browsers at the same time.

The ghost logins will go away after 15 minutes, so consider it a feature: it will let you know if someone manages to hijack your account! :-)

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Status:fixed» closed