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OpenTK without X ?

Forgive me if this is common knowledge, i'm just starting with linux :-)
Anyway I have a small (low memory) embedded linux pc and I would like to run my OpenTK application on it.
At the moment I installed X and it runs fine, but since OpenGL itself does not depend on X
I wonder what's needed to run a OpenTK application without X
Offcourse the OpenTK application should run in full-screen mode and H/W acceleration needs to be supported

BTW, great work on the OpenTK wrapper!



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OpenTK currently relies on X, but is built in such a way that it is relatively easy to add support for new platforms. However, I am not aware of any hardware-accelerated OpenGL drivers that can run without X.

That said, I will gladly accept ports to new platforms or modifications that make such ports easier.

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These guys seem to got it to work

I didnt try it yet but it seems they do provide h/w accelerated opengl without X

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Well according to that link, DirectFBGL relies on the 'mesa-embedded-2' branch, which:


Mesa-embedded-2-branch is suffering from bitrot and is only meant for Matrox G-series cards. It's probably not what you want. For a pure software rendering solution you should just download a recent Mesa and build it for the directfb target.


As far as I know, Mesa trunk does not provide any hardware drivers for DirectFB. You can use software acceleration, however.