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Project:The Open Toolkit library
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hi, trying to convert this from Tao to OpenTK but struggling:

Glu.GLUtesselator tess = Glu.gluNewTess();
Glu.gluTessCallback(tess, 0x18704, new Glu.TessBeginCallback(Gl.glBegin));
Glu.gluTessCallback(tess, 0x18705, new Glu.TessVertexCallback(Gl.glVertex3dv));
Glu.gluTessCallback(tess, 0x18706, new Glu.TessEndCallback(Gl.glEnd));
Glu.gluTessCallback(tess, 0x18707, new Glu.TessErrorCallback(this.TessError));
Glu.gluTessCallback(tess, 0x18709, new Glu.TessCombineCallback1(MapController.TessCombine));

GL.NewList(this.mListLand, ListMode.Compile);
foreach (var list5 in list3)
Glu.gluTessBeginPolygon(tess, IntPtr.Zero);
foreach (var numArray in list5)
Glu.gluTessVertex(tess, numArray, numArray);


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I am planning to release OpenTK 0.9.9-2 shortly, which will be compatible with Tao (meaning, this code will run without change). Right now, you can checkout OpenTK from trunk to use it.

Considering that a) this code was working with Tao and b) GLU is considered deprecated both by Khronos and by OpenTK, I think this is the best path to take.

I'm not familiar with GLU tesselation, but hopefully someone can help if you'd still like to convert this code to OpenTK.Graphics.Glu.

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Its ok, i found a OpenTK Tessellation example file, and modified it my needs, works great!

Whats new in the SVN Version?

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Status:open» closed

Great, glad to hear it works.

The upcoming version has a large number of improvements to the build system, project structure, the public API (new NativeWindow class), proper OpenGL|ES and OpenCL support, a compatibility module for Tao applications and applications written against older OpenTK versions, plus several bug fixes and workarounds for more exotic or buggy platforms (e.g. running an X server on Windows). Detailed changelog to come along with the 0.9.9-2 release.