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My Project

I've updated my project for the 0.9.9-2b release. I've added a few classes, but I'm still not at a full release since it is missing a few higher level fucntions still really needed in game programming.

I must say, I am very happy with OpenTK and it really simple use here.


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Compiled and ran successfully on Linux/Ubuntu. Nice job! :-)

A few comments/suggestions:

  • The MapEditor works pretty well under Mono! No crashes or bad behavior to report and every function I tested worked fine.
  • MogAssist and the demos are missing OpenTK.dll.config. Just add it to the project and select "copy to output directory"). Annoying, I know, but this is necessary to support non-Windows platforms right now.
  • It seems the Data folder is missing from the zip (or is this by design)? The demos tried loading resources from 'data' but failed to find it.
  • I am not certain, but it seems that the Demos and the MapEditor reference MogAssist.dll by name instead of referencing the MogAssist project itself. The second way is more robust (e.g. it will use debug dlls of MogAssist in debug builds and will work regardless of the IDE and OS).
  • Consider placing the project inside a top-level folder (e.g. "opentk-0.9.9-2b"). This way, the user can right-click and select "unzip here" without creating a new folder first.
  • Finally, consider adding OpenTK.dll to your project. This won't be necessary once OpenTK 1.0 comes out, but until then it's a good idea to add the specific OpenTK.dll you used for the project (the reason is that beta OpenTK versions are not compatible with each other and it's not immediately obvious which version you used).

Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to the map editor! I have some concept games I'd like to make when I find the time. :-)

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Several errors when compiling with Visual Studio 2008. As suggested Fiddler, I had to add Opentk references to your projects, and others things... Anyway, good start !

You can have a look at my map editor project too at The projects is called "Tile Map Editor".

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Thanks, will keep that in mind.

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Game Assistant has very clean and tidy code, it's a joy to read.

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Thanks for the input. I'll be sure to get to that after I'm done playing Muramasa :)

Yeah. I really hate win32 forms programming. You can see that I move everything that the designer generates so that it's cleaner and more organized.

I actually switch between windows and Ubuntu. I like Ubuntu a lot, but Wine just doesn't always work for playing certain games. I keep windows around because I'm used to using Visual studio for work. And since Ubuntu has that funny GDI+ error, I'm just using image fonts instead of ttf files.

In case you were wondering flopoloco. Microsoft has a free plugin for Visual studio called StyleCop. I use it to force a standard on all my code. I find it to be very helpful. (except with windows forms)

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I like Ubuntu a lot, but Wine just doesn't always work for playing certain games.

Yeah - for those situations I use VirtualBox 2.2+ since it's got hardware acceleration. Tried playing Serious Sam the other week - worked after switching to "non-seamless-mode" (mouse over VirtualBox-window thing - from GuestAdditions).

Download VirtualBox directly from their site instead of the ubuntu package manager:

It's a .deb package so the package DB will be kept stable on your Ubuntu installtion.

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Yeah, I need to get more memory for that first, my system slows down a lot with virtualbox. I've only got 1 gb of memory :(

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Ok. well I did a quick release this week with.

Major update to the tile editor. Its mostly designed more like SaqMap, an XNA map tile editor I like. But its all GDI rendering, which is why it is slow at times.

Not sure if I added the OpenTK reference correctly. I didn't test the solution with a second computer :(