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[Website] Help with site theme redesign

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions
Category:support request

Hello all,

I am looking for feedback for a new site theme.

If you have a few moments to spare, please select the "community2" theme in your account settings ("My account" -> "Edit"). Make sure to refresh your browser cache (just press F5) and simply browse the site for a while. You can revert to the previous theme at any time.

Once you have seen the new layout, post your impressions:

  1. How did you find the new layout and color theme? Did you prefer it to the previous one?
  2. Did you encounter any glitches, like misplaced or missing items?
  3. Is the site easy or hard to navigate?
  4. Thoughts on the new frontpage?
  5. Any other suggestions for improvement?

Please post your impressions and make suggestions for improvement. Don't forget to mention your browser and OS if you encounter any glitches!


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Some alternatives to Contributed:

github -> Hub
sourceforge -> Forge
Hosted OpenTK projects
Community projects

And a little more imaginative:

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Offspring? Good one!

I think "forge" is good (hints to sourceforge which is well known) but I'm open to ideas. The only issue is that google has picked up the "contributed" link, which means we'll take a ranking hit once we change it - so lets find a good name and stick with that!

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Breadcrumb might look good as a right justified floating block. That's how I do it on, anyway.

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The differences between "gallery section" and "contributed section" are minimal, IMO nuke the gallery and rename contributed to gallery :P

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I really like it.

The front page is good, but some of the padding is off. And the download links should probably be centered instead of floating to the right.

I have not noticed any bugs, but I would fix the breadcrumb position to be over the page, instead of over the left side menu.

Maybe mover the line down on your h1 class="title". It's not really broken, you might have wanted it like that?

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Frontpage: the blue rectangle and its contents are placeholders to check how things behave when resizing (hence the broken padding). Will probably remake this part in fixed width.

Breadcrumb: agreed, I'll try floating it to the right per kanato's suggestion.

H1 underilne: this is by design. Still looking for a way to make tight underlines robust...

General question: do you find the breadcrumb useful? Have you ever used it to navigate on this site?

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Breadcrumb question: not used much by me. Some time when looking at an issue, to see what project it is in (or do I remember incorrectly).

I usually navigate either via Recent activity->More, or via the menu at the top.

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i like the layout of the new front page :-)

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Breadcrumb: fixed. Thanks for the suggestions, it looks *much* better now. :-)

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the breadcrumbs needs one of those clearfix hack to the css, I think? It looks good on most pages, but not forum pages where it floats over the avatar.