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Removing solution folders to enable opening solution in VSExpress

Project:Mooglegiant's Game Assistant
Version:0.9.9-rev 2
Category:support request

Since I am using Visual C# Express edition, I had problems opening the .sln file since it has so called "solution folders". IIRC, removing the folders and placing the items beneath them directly in the solution instead is enough to make it usable in Express editions too.

Maybe the easiest way to fix this is installing (the free) Express Edition of Visual Studio C#:

Download Visual C# Express


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What do you mean the solution is not usable in VS Express?

If you dismiss the warning, VS Express should simply ignore the top-level folder. You lose the ability to edit the release notes directly but everything else works correctly - no big loss.

At least that is my experience with VS Express 2005 & 2008, here. Moving the documentation folder would complicate the build system *significantly* (you'd need a custom post-build event to copy it and good luck getting that to work in a cross-platform manner) - it's just not worth it.

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It's an issue with MoogleGiants GameAssistant. Maybe the Issues Project name could be visualized more clearly somehow? Bold/H3?

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Oops, need to make the project name stand out more.

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Mind-reader :)

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Version:0.9.9-dev» 0.9.9-rev 2
Component:Code» Miscellaneous
Category:feature request» support request
Assigned to:Anonymous» mooglegiant

Sorry. I like using Solution folders to keep my projects better organized. I'll try to remember to include an express version compatible solution.
The alternative would be to add a prefix to each project to keep it organized in the solution browser?

BTW. Does anyone know if SharpDevelop has solution folders?