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Permanent Rotation Help . . . . ..


I am using OpenTK in C# to create my application.
I want to rotate the 3D objects not by rotating the modelview matrix but by manipulating the points of the 3D objects.
I cant figure out how to.
The Matrix4 Rotate function in OpenTK.Math is not working for me, whereas GL.Rotate rotates the current matrix.
Tell me how i can rotate the coords of the 3D object itself, what function or class should i use in OpenTK, does OpenTK even provides any such functionality?
Will be greatly thankful.



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The matrices are identical. What changes is the order of multiplication:

myCurrentModelViewMatrix *= Matrix4.Rotate(...); // which is identical to:
myCurrentModelViewMatrix = myCurrentModelViewMatrix * Matrix4.Rotate(...);


myCurrentModelViewMatrix = Matrix4.Rotate(...) * myCurrentModelViewMatrix;